The land

A mosaic of biodiversity

The Marche Region: Hills between the mountains and the sea

The orographic and climatic variety typical of the Marche region makes our lands particularly healthy and rich. This characteristic allows for the proliferation of a great variety of animal and plant species, which we are committed to preserving and protecting through non-invasive procedures in harmony with the land.


Our agricultural heritage

The Esina Valley

Carved out over the centuries by water and blessed by the sun, the soil of the Esina Valley is among the most fertile and fruitful in the Marche region. Our agricultural heritage in this extraordinary environmental context includes, in addition to arable land, 103 hectares of vineyards, 48 hectares of olive groves, and 24 hectares of walnut trees. We like to think that diversified agricultural production contributes to improving the quality of the landscape, especially if it is conducted by using increasingly less invasive agricultural practices.


The Land, a natural oasis

A preserved biodiversity

The land of our Estates has managed to preserve its individuality and biodiversity over time, despite the work of man, and for this reason it is still "naturally welcoming" to various animal species. In fact, the entire valley has always been a favourite stopping point for migratory species in search of rest and refreshment. In the irrigation ponds, for example, it is not unusual to come across the elegant Grey Heron.