A unique and evocative setting

Colle del Sole , around the winery

Our winery is based in the centre of the large Colle del Sole vineyard of over 20 hectares at Scorcelletti in the municipality of Maiolati Spontini.


All of our wines come from this single vineyard which surrounds our winery in a unique and evocative setting. The proximity of the vineyard allows us to significantly reduce the time between harvesting of the grapes, picked by hand on the vine, and their pressing. In this way, only the best of nature is involved in the winemaking process, preventing the flavours and aromas of our grapes from being altered.


Soil, microclimate, variety and winery


The alluvial soil is rich in fine gravel, with a high clay and limestone content and a fair amount of organic matter.



The favourable soil and climate characteristics of the area are the product of the influence of the sea, the sun, the breezes, the rainfall, and the protection of the Apennine mountains.



The main varieties grown in this vineyard are Verdicchio, Montepulciano and Sangiovese.



After fermentation, the wines are transferred to the underground cellar, where there are barrels made of precious woods of different sizes. In this ideal environment the wines can mature for long periods of time, refining their distinctive flavour, aroma, and other sensory characteristics.



An organic choice

Forever guided by a deep respect for the land and its natural processes, and by the conviction that authenticity at the origin is the key to creating a quality product, the Pieralisi Estates are now certified as Organic Farming and comply fully with the policy for the production of Vegan wines.